Why Do Both Parents & Kids Love Laurel Lake Summer Camp?

“Laurel Lake Camp made me closer to God and now I am getting baptized! Thank you so much for creating Laurel Lake Camp! My favorite part of Laurel Lake Camp is the pool and the sports that we play. The counselors are really nice!”

Age 10


More than a decade ago we sent our oldest off to camp for the first time. It was so hard to watch him ride away from us on the camp bus knowing he would be gone for a week. Both of us had experienced summer camp as kids and knew he was in for an adventure. Following the “no news is good news” maxim we moved on through our week. It was amazing how excited we were to greet him as he returned. His first words as he jumped of the bus were not, ‘Hi Mom & Dad, I missed you!’ or even ‘I’m glad to be home.’ His first words were, ‘I AM going to work at camp someday!’ And he did exactly that. His father and I believe that his time as a camper and then as LLC staff has had a profound effect on our son’s life focus, friendships and even choice of a wonderful Christian life partner. Laurel Lake Camp has been a great investment in eternity for our family.